Break The Cycle Of Fear And Shame By Both Giving And Showing A True Example Of God’s LoveTo All,   Teaching People That With The Right Tools They Can Be, Do, and Achieve Successful Living.


​​Working to Improve the Lives of Others!

Warriors for Christ is a 501c3 non-profit charity organization that works with the Biblical Tools to Rebuild, Empower and Establish the Lives of People Locally and Globally, so that they are able to achieve self sufficiency. Named after a word (Warrior), God gave Dr. Powers "Warriors for Christ" and she believes strongly that as our communities continue to call for intervention, WFC will become the staple in the community that bridges the gaps between the citizens in the community and the resources.

Since the start of the operation in 2008, Warriors for Christ has helped more than 625 people toward self sufficiency.   

Our Mission

The mission of WFC is to Work With The Right Tools To Rebuild, Empower, and Establish

Our Vision

Every Individual is Able to Use Biblical Tools Established by an Excellent Ministry on Better Promises to Empower Themselves for Successful Living. ​

Warriors for Christ Global Outreach Ministries

​​​mission and vision